Entrepreneurs from Main Street to main stage round out the brands “fixed” on this season of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®. Featuring seasoned industry vets to business owners just a few years in - we traveled from Coast to Coast to help fix these brands and forever change their marketplaces.

Pre-recorded segments, Skype interviews, live television appearances, radio/ podcast interview, guest contributors, to sited industry experts- the Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® team as well as the amazing brands we feature are at your disposal.

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Professional, vetted, knowledgeable, and o’ so entertaining our experts and brands have you covered in the following areas:


  • Sales / Interviews

  • Female/Minority/ Veteran Owned Businesses

  • Women In Leadership

  • Women In The Workforce

  • International Business

  • Request For Proposals

  • Hiring / Employee

  • Small Business

  • Entrepreuenrship

Branding / Marketing:

  • Personal Branding

  • Style

  • Branding

  • Neuro Human Branding®

  • Body Language Reading

  • Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Psychology of the Buy


  • Mindset

  • Work / Life Balance

  • Creativity

  • Relationships

  • Parenthood

  • Travel

  • Iconic Living

  • Organization / Time Management



Lisa Rehurek


Lisa Rehurek whose business Win The Business is targeted to help small business “win” RFPs (Aka Requests For Proposals) struggle to show off its business chops while umbrellaing all of Lisa’s skills, knowledge, and spunk.



Sylvia Becker-Hill


An international coach to top level CEO’s Sylvia Becker-Hill joins our cast after recently selling her profitable women’s focused business. Looking for a new adventure this international speaker and author has the greatest freedom and challenge as we build a new brand, audience, and income streams from the ground up.



Gina Bell


A full time life coach and busy mom of 6, Gina Bell, struggles to get business off the ground. Like many of us, full of passion, Gina Bell is ready to go for it. And like many of us, she realizes passion doesn’t pay the bills all the time. Watch as we transform this life coach into a life changing lifestyle that every woman will want to be a part of.


Talmar Anderson


Talmar Anderson, owner of Talmar It Up, struggled with taking her unique message to the masses fast enough. Transforming her one on one model to a thriving multi-platform model while keeping her whit and spunk is our challenge this season.




Cassandra Shepard


C-suite exec and business coach Cassandra Shepard struggled to balance her growing corporate career and her side hustle passion of helping business women fight the burn out. After months of struggle to make the leap, Cassandra must decide on what drivers her more: passion or prestige



Dr Megan Anne Todd


Dr. Megan Todd has the heart of so many entrepreneurs. Passionate in many areas, certified, trained and skilled in so many more - that niching her business felt more like heartache that heading into business clarity. So what is this entrepreneur to do when her passions rage, her heart for justice must be satisfied, and she wants to put her years of schooling, certification, and know how to good use? Stay tuned.




Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Season 2 brought out the array of experts to help support their brands in their total transformation. Led once again by host and 20 year Neuro Human Branding® expert, Ali Craig, our experts have a combined 115 years of experience (but we don’t look a day over 33.)


From returning brand Jenni P from Season 1 to act as their brand big- sis to Sandy Hapeanu who worked directly with the brands to hone the power of their personal brands to a few of Ali’s personal team members who make appearances to support these amazing brands. It was all hands on deck to get these brands from fledgling to fierce competition. 


Ali Craig

Holding nothing back, luxury and neuro human branding® expert, Ali Craig brings her 20 years of real world knowledge, passion filled energy, and her no holds bar approach to helping transform the brands on Season 2.

More than just a logistical branding problem, Ali brings her “A” game helping these brands not just build profit, but build purpose into their work. This season takes Ali from coast to coast visiting and building brands from D.C. to LA.

Sandy Hapeanu

Sandy Hapeanu

Season 1 personal branding expert, Sandy Hapeanu, has returned to help transform Season’s 2 brands from the outside in. Schooling the brands in the finer points of the power of their personal brands, Hapeanu work allowed the brands to begin to physically embody their new brand perspectives and create greater growth fast.

Stacey Laniox

Stacey Laniox

An accidental expert on Season 2, Stacey Lanoix (Ali Craig’s personal stylist and friend) quickly became the trusted Business BFF for many of the brands. A sounding board, confident, and “let’s be real”  truths- Stacey natural ways of handling success-driven women became a desirable trait and confidant for the brands.

Jenni P

Jenni P

Season 1 alumni and mindset guru, Jenni P, came back for round 2 to support the brands in the process while helping them overcome their societal programming and get clear on what they really want when it comes to their lives, brands, and visions.