I’m Ali Craig. 

And I’m traveling across the country to fix the heart beat of the modern economy- the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are like no other business.

It isn't just about selling a product or a service, it is about selling the experience, the relationship, and speaking to the social stories that hold the hearts and subconscious minds of our audiences.

And it is these fledgling brands that must be designed as much for their audiences as it is for their authors if they are going to break the statistics and make bank.

Having fixed countless brands over the last 20 years and worked with hundreds more entrepreneurs, founders, and start ups I know that I need to do something radical to get these brands and their founders back on track.

Because in this age of social media where everyone is a critic as well as an instant expert- your business and audience can boom or backfire overnight.

If I have any hope of saving these brands and transforming these businesses, I have to get these entrepreneurs to embrace the experience they are really selling and escape the mindset that all that they are is just an offer. 

Brands are about creating orgasmically outstanding experiences and soul bonding connections. Yes, experiences and relationships are what transforms businesses into thriving brands.
— Ali Craig

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