How To Get On Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®

  1. Set your budget. You will be responsible for the entire cost of the project. Before you proceed, you need to know how much money you can afford to spend and have the financing in place.

  • You can have the money yourself or you can gain access to the funding through bank loans, but either way, you will need to have enough money to set aside for branding and launching your business.

  • Determine an overall budget and let the Ali Craig guide you from there. For instance, if you can afford to spend $18,000 total, prepare this basic figure without worrying how much to set aside for creating offers, how much to set aside for branding and marketing. The show's host will be able to help you with those figures.

  • Budgets usually range anywhere from $18,000- $75,000.

  • Ali Craig and her team usually finish on budget, but they have been known to go several thousand dollars over budget on rare occasions.


2. Know what you want. Determine what you hope to launch or relaunch. Classify which brand and lifestyle aspects  are “must-haves” and which deliverables you can afford to compromise on.

  • Make a list of important aspects, including everything from your lifestyle, product/ service offer, brand relationships you desire to build, short and long term financial / business goals. The more you know about what your ideal lifestyle and brand would look like, the closer you can get to achieving it.


3. Know what to expect. Prepare yourself for what Ali Craig might require of you.

  • You will probably need to help with the rebrand especially if you have a fairly small budget. Expect to help with the website building, product videos, and marketing materials and to work within the show's time frame.

  • Understanding your background story will help you to tailor your application so that you stand out to the show's producers. You need to describe your circumstances to the best of your ability. In other words, plead your case.

  • Knowing how much work you will be expected to contribute will keep you from being thrown off guard if you are selected.


4.Check for casting calls. You can check the show's social media pages for the latest news concerning the acceptance of applications.

  • The Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®  Facebook page is the best place to check for current news about casting. Check under the "About" section of the page for information about whether or not the show is currently accepting applications.

  • Take note of the geographic area currently eligible. Casting is almost always restricted to a certain areas.


5. Show some enthusiasm. In order to be chosen for the show, you will need to show considerable personality and dedication.

  • As you describe your situation, you should also be prepared to demonstrate your willingness to participate. The vast majority of people on the show end up helping with the rebrand.

  • Let them know what your budget is. This information is not strictly necessary, but providing it lets Ali Craig and the team know what to expect and also lets the casting director know that you are serious about making things work.

  • Consider submitting a video application. Take footage of your current business situation and explain in a voice-over why you need something more. Upload the video online and e-mail the link. A video is a good way to convey excitement and demonstrate your personality.


7. Wait to be contacted. If you are chosen for the show, the producers will contact you.

  • Oftentimes, you will hear back from the show within a week if they are interested.]On occasion, though, it could take a couple of months before you get a reply. Response time mostly depends on the number of applicants.

  • You may not receive a rejection e-mail if you are not chosen for the show. If you have not received a reply by the time the application process closes, your business has not been selected.


8. Understand your commitment. You will be asked to sign a contract before appearing on the show.

  • You are completely responsible for the cost of rebranding your brand. You will not to pay for the  time or travel of Ali Craig, however, if you choose her design team to execute your rebrand work you will be paying for such deliverables.

  • You will need to be prepared to work on the show's schedule. This means being able to work and launch your new or rebranded brand. For instance, if you are selected for the show by late September, you can expect to be filming by late December.


9. Work with Ali Craig. Ali Craig is responsible for helping you to create and execute a brand strategy to build the profitable brand of your dreams.

  • Ali Craig will work with you to determine a brand strategy that will make sense financially both in the short term and long term. She and her team will walk you through what your prospective brand can look like after the rebrand. Ali is responsible for the overall design and will work with you in determining the most cost efficient options.

  • Once a strategy and execution model is agreed to Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® team will oversee vendor selection and project management to ensure our best to make the reveal deadline.

  • Provide input. Ali Craig will work with you; they will not make decisions against your will unless you do not make your own will known.

  • Prepare to do a lot of work. For the most part, brand owners are expected to help with decision making,  create product/ service offers, engage with their audience for marketing efforts, etc.

  • The show may or may not contribute some funding toward the cost of your brand depending on your circumstances and the rebranding planned out. Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®  has been known to provide $20,000 to $25,000 toward brand visuals and marketing efforts.

  • Rebrands are usually finished within five to seven weeks.


10. Reapply, if necessary. If you were not chosen for the show during the application round you took part in, you can try again.

  • Consider why your previous application may not have been successful before reapplying. Objectively review your application and look for ways to seem more dedicated, to make your plea sound more urgent, or to add more excitement or creativity to your application.