Top 6 Reasons Why Your Brand Fails: Week 2

We are 5 weeks out from Season 2 airing and to lead up to this fabulous event we are debunking some of the myths and bringing lots of truths to why brands fail. 

This week, Ali Craig, is joined live by former brand and now Season 2 expert, Jenni P, to discuss the top 6 ways our brands fail based on our mindset. 


The Top 6 Brand Fails When It Comes To Your Mindset:

  1. The Accidental Oops: During the interview process of the show so many people messed up time zones, no-showed and completely forgot. It is less of an accident and more of an ask that your subconscious mind doesn't want to change its and your habits. 
  2. “Did I Do That” Yes, just like Steve Urkel in Family Matters- we don’t the own the outcome of our choice.  When we don't own out outcome we don't step up as the leaders we need to be for our brands and our audiences creating the subconscious and nonverbal story that we aren't true experts. 
  3. Flip Flop Fear: Just like in Season 1, Season 2 isn’t immune to this syndrome and not is your brand. You work so hard to create your vision and in the end your revert back to what you had before. Yes, your biology can sabotage your future because though your life may not be perfect now- your subconscious mind understands it and is at ease with it. 
  4. It’s Not Me: Like many aspects of our brands and life- we control our outcome. And many times with it brands we want to push off responsibility on to others and not own our role. 
  5. “I’ll have what she’s having”- That famous scene in “When Harry Met Sally” sums it all up- “I’ll have what she is having.” When we focus on what others are doing be it their verbal or visual message- you lose what makes you great. And though personally disempowering it is also disempowering to your audience because it is harder for them to discern your unique brilliance. 
  6. The Angry Not Angry: Anger is a huge trigger and self destructive tool when it comes to your and your brand’s success because though you may try to hide it- it always comes out.